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A humorous twist on the typical interview format.

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I was so thrilled to be invited to this Singaporian talkshow with my comedian pal Steph Chan!


I was interviewed in another podcast called "Into The Abyss" by a fellow comedian named Leslie Moliere-Batichon and her cohost Brandyn. It was about as raw and real and unfiltered as it gets! I had no make-up, no nice hair-do, and no fucks left to give!

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I was the lucky star of the 7th episode of the first season of this Polish chat show back in 2017. It's in English with Polish subs, and my episode was used to help advertise the show in Polish TV magazines, as seen below!

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The Black Expat is a fantastic resource for black people overseas and their writers often interview those who've blazed an interesting trail in their expat journey. I'm so honored to have been considered one of them!


I was invited back to chat with the wonderful people at The Black Expat as one of the first guests they welcomed to their new podcast! Break a champagne bottle, y'all!

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Barely a year into my stand-up career, I was featured on an episode of this English-language radio program hosted by Terry Clark of 5 O'Clark fame!

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My microfiction has been such a hit on Twitter (@misskeelahrose) that this website published one of my pieces!   

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