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The Journey So Far

I've been traveling down a long, winding road ever since I was born in New York City 30+ years ago. Sometimes it seems as if my entire life has been the set-up for a joke, but I haven't lived long enough to hear the punchline yet. If it turns out to be a good joke, the ending should surprise the entire audience.

I was raised in the US (mostly southern California) and graduated from Cornell University in 2006 with a degree in film and entomology. I became a certified teacher that same year, and gave law school a brief try before settling down into a teaching career that took me from South Korea to Albania to China to Poland to Vietnam. I'd always been a performer: a singer, an actress and a writer who made her own stories come to life. Then somewhere along the way I discovered a passion for stand-up comedy that I've been pursuing ever since.

As a comedian, I've earned my stripes performing in many different countries and I've had the privilege of headlining shows in cities like Singapore, Hamburg, Kuala Lumpur, Prague, Bangkok, Warsaw, and Ho Chi Minh City. My dark sense of humor is drawn from my life experience as a teacher, a world traveler and a hapless pawn of vengeful gods.

Currently based in Ho Chi Minh City as a freelancer and pandemic survivor, I'm available for work as a teacher, a comedian, a singer, a writer, an editor and a college prep coach. Thanks for getting to know me! Here's hoping I will have the chance to do the same with you!

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